Friday, May 30, 2008

New Event for Glen - Extra Mile Endurathon

I will be participating in the Extra Mile Enurathon (click here) this weekend.

The event is an Ultrawalk where the participants walk on a 3.7 mile loop through Boulder, CO beginning at 5pm today (May 30th) and there is no finish line the last person walking wins.

The record was set in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at 102 hours. Distance is not important, time is.
We only get a 10 min break every loop to rest, fix our feet change clothes etc.. Though there is an athletic component in the walking it is more an event around Will & sleep deprivation.

I am pretty stong willed and do well without much sleep - so we will see. The top 4 contestants qualify for the World Championship in Las Vegas on December 3rd, 2008. I would like to be there.

Please feel free to walk with us this weekend if you are in Boulder, otherwise follow my podcasts from Utterz. I will be posting them live during the event.

Friday, March 28, 2008


It was a long enchanted journey, believe it or not I didn't get a single blister. My only injury came the evening after I finished when I was shaving and I nicked my face. I lost a few pounds early in the run but my weight stabilized somewhere in Texas. I had a very few difficulties with the Zzzoomer because it is such a simple device. Early flats were a big issue, but once I got those Armadillo tires I went over 1500 miles without one.

I truly felt blessed by my encounters with all the different people I met along the way. I can't count how many either bought me diner or offered to help out in someway. I have hundreds of people who have signed the Zzzoomer from all over the country. I felt fortunate to not have caused any accidents nor did any animals perish as a result of chasing me (and believe me they did - but they just didn't know where to bite!)

My father (Bob Turner) who operated as my control center was an invaluable resource daily. One day, early in the morning after I had stopped for breakfast I got a call from him when he realized that I was heading west by mistake. If he hadn't have called I certainly would have gone gone a lot farther the wrong way. When I lost my wallet if he hadn't have bailed me out with a Western Union wire my shortest day may have been my last. Thanks Dad, you're the best. He also started a community team but because he was on the computer tracking me so much his team "The Flatlanders" never made it very far.

I also I need to give special thanks to the Coury family, Jamil for the fantastic job that he did developing and maintaining the Web Site; and to his mom Pati for helping get the word out to town officials and the media.

Another family that I need to give attention to is the Hope's in Tuscaloosa, AL. Bob Hope and his wife Christine took me in, let me shower, washed my cloths, fed me, gave me the shoes of his feet (literally), and contacted the local ABC affiliate television station who then filmed me.

The team leaders also need special consideration. Loren Floming from Emerald Elementary was the first teacher to help begin the planning of the student team concept. Peggy McGuff from Mountain View Elementary actually initially put the idea in my brain about having the kids follow me. I want to say that the conference call that we had from the side of the road in Texas was just as inspiring to me. Then there is Bud Glassburg from Eagle Elementary. Talk about an inspiring man. He was the first person to make a financial contribution, and then he stepped up and organized a team in Indiana (where my Sister's family and Mother live). As of the last report they had 155 kids running from that school alone (he is not even a teacher at that school). They were out to catch me - without a handicap. Kids were recruiting other kids to make it so. Also Budd and his daughter met me in Mississippi -we were going to met in Texas but I was a little ahead of schedule :o) , and to top it all off he even wrote an article for the local newspaper. Budd you're the MAN.

You kids gave me more energy than you know. I hope you keep up your running, and I look forward to coming to your school and sharing with you my stories, pictures and videos.

Leah kept together the only community team that made it out of the starting blocks. Good job. You have been a great motivator, and I really appreciate the support from a part of the country that I never would have expected.

Hopefully as a result of all this running and Zzzooming, I have inspired not only the youngsters in age, but the young at heart as well to live a healthy lifestyle that includes getting out there and moving their body. I may share more about this experience in a book, and certainly in a multimedia presentation that I will make available soon.

I'll just never forget the full moon rising into and out of a total eclipse over the Mojave Desert during my first 100 mile day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nice visiting Mississippi, Hello Alabama!

I had a surprise visit from Bud Glassberg and his daughter Ellie. Bud is the teacher/organizer of the Eagle Elementary Beagles. They are bound and determined to chase me down for bragging rights to the most kilometers run. They don't want a handicap, they are challenging me head on. With 155 kids they are pushing me. It was fun running with him.

I spent the night in Columbus MS and I had a nice meal given to me by Harvey's. It began raining pretty good so I spent the morning working on getting a new Driver's license and Credit cards. I also mailed home almost 20lbs worth unneeded clothes etc that I didn't want to just throw away.

In Tuscaloosa, AL I met some fantastic people when I came into town late at night to fix a small but important part on the Zzzoomer. I got help from Eric at the Velocity bike shop. Later we went out for sushi and met some of his friends. One of the guys was Dr. Rob Hope, a podiatrist, and cyclist. He offered me a room in his home for the night, I accepted for the first time on this trip. I am glad I did. He had a truck and we put the Zzzoomer in the back (he bought me back to the same spot in the morning so I didn't miss any ground). I still haven't received any shoes from ECCO (that's a sore topic for later discussion). He gave me a new pair of shoes and I met his wife Christine and two little girls. They were great. Christine called the local TV station and within an hour I was being filmed by the local ABC affiliate for channel 33/40.

I had lunch in Brent, Alabama and met a couple friendly locals and got interviewed by another newspaper and I have a conference call schedule for another interview coming up in the next half an hour. I just I'm starting to get noticed. It is flatering but it takes time and I am having a harder time getting my miles in.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Computer Problems in & out of Texas

Sorry about the text portion of the website Blog. I have been having computer and internet connection issues for the past several days. I don't know if I have it licked yet but it is working for the time being. I have been publishing my Audio podcasts and I hope that you enjoy them. They are by far the most current, and to the news. Please check there first. Listen to the Utterz! I have also been publishing my photos in webshots. My videos have been difficult because I need to translate each clip to a new format before it is up loaded and that takes time. Sorry, but I will get caught up soon I hope.